Control & Automation Systems

iTree Automation solutions provide complete control system solutions customized to your needs with the latest in technology.


We supports the automation of tasks belonging to all level systems aligned to the international standards for the integration of enterprise IT and control systems :

  • Level 1: Automation layer, PLCs/DCS, process operations, sequencing, robotics;

  • Level 2: Monitoring and controlling physical processes;

  • Level 3: Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM).

    We have expertise on the following Systems and Standards.

  • Expertise in various PLC, HMI/SCADA, Batch Solutions, Fail Safe, Hot Redundant and DCS Systems.

  • Control Panel / Marshalling Cabinet Design.

  • Industrial Networking skills in Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, Profisafe, ControlNet, DeviceNet and HART Protocols.

  • Drives  Systems.

Our Control and Automation Service include: